New itineraries and new destinations for MSC Cruises in the Mediterranean. The charms of autumn and winter cast a new light over Mare Nostrum and are the perfect seasons for discovering some splendid corners of the Mediterranean. In complete safety and serenity.


MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera, MSC Fantasia and MSC Musica have made some significant changes to their autumn and winter itineraries. These four ships from our fleet are heading towards the Greek Islands of Rhodes and Crete and also further afield to Cyprus, Bulgaria and Israel. The Mediterranean brought to you by MSC Cruises continues to unveil new surprises in these two seasons, when the pace is slower and there is more time for reflection. Enrich your experience as a traveller visiting new areas in the same region and enjoy complete serenity and safety both at sea and during shore visits.

MSC Sinfonia will make a stopover in Burgas (Bulgaria). Nessebar looks out over the Black Sea coast. Treasure your time in its small centre inhabited by fishermen and winemakers, with its colourful wooden houses, typical of the Rumelia style.

Sozopol is the oldest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, with a history that dates back thousands of years. Undersea archaeological research has brought to light dwellings, ceramic objects, stone utensils and bones from the bronze age.

MSC Opera and MSC Fantasia head to Rhodes. The deer statue, a symbol of the island, stands on the foundations where the Colossus stood in ancient times, that giant statue that is recognised as one of the wonders of the ancient world. The white houses with blue windows in Lindos and the bay of San Paolo never fail to charm the traveller, whilst a visit to the Acropolis is only a brisk walk away or a gentle ride on the back of a donkey, if you prefer.

All four of MSC Cruises’ ships dock at Heraklion on the Island of Crete. The highlight of this shore excursion is the Palace of Knossos. According to legend, the site was home to the monstrous Minotaur, slain by Theseus with help from Ariadne’s ball of thread. The remains of this splendid Minoan court were excavated and restored early last century by the English archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans. It is a journey both into history and myth.

Legend and archaeology, beauty and wonder are the key delights of our stop in Limassol on the Island of Cyprus, one of the ports of call for MSC Musica. The temple of Apollo and the site at Paphos with its stunning mosaics display the splendour and power of this island in the heart of the Mediterranean. Aphrodite’s Rock is the keeper of secrets for the most beautiful and loved of the ancient deities. You need only touch it, the guidebooks tell us, to enjoy its immediate beneficial effects.

In November 2015, guests on MSC Sinfonia will have the opportunity to discover the Israeli port of Eilat, at the northern tip of the Red Sea. Its warm, humid climate and its proximity to the Negev Desert have made this destination a popular bathing location. It is an important attraction, alongside the historical and religious sites of Israel, and helps complete our understanding of this complex land.

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